The skills training courses can help participants create a climate of involvement in the workplace. Each course challenges participants to expand their sense of self and their awareness of others as it relates to their development as a leader. Throughout the training, participants will:

  • Experience the methods through simulations or demonstrations
  • Talk about the theory behind each method in a participatory “Walk-through” session
  • Practice the method and receive constructive feedback on style and skill

The trainings are delivered in a relaxed and interactive small group-learning environment. We encourage a maximum class size of twenty people. Courses are intentionally limited in size and are taught by two trainers to insure the highest levels of participation and learning. Each training includes a comprehensive participant workbook, which clearly outlines the steps for each method and becomes a practical tool for future use and review.

All training courses can be designed and customized as in-house courses to support your organizations/ teams specific needs. This is a cost effective way to obtain training for large groups of individuals. Courses may focus on only one method or may be designed in unique formats or time frames.

All of the courses are available in English or Spanish.

Leading Focused Conversations (available only as an in-house course) – one day

Participants learn and practice a method for mastering the art of leading groups and involving group members in in-depth discussions on significant and often difficult issues.

A selected list of organizations doing in-house training courses:

  • AARP
  • Banner Health
  • Masonic Lodges of AZ
  • City of Scottsdale
  • Global Board of Missions of the United Methodist Church
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • City of Scottsdale
  • Coconino County
  • Indian Health Services
  • Rural Health Office of University of AZ
  • DMB, Inc in Verrado
  • Valley of the Sun United Way
  • Maricopa County Public Health Department
  • Mercy Corps
  • Save The Children
  • Iraq Access to Justice
  • Center for Native American Health
  • United Methodist Outreach Ministries

For further information, please contact Alisa Oyler at Partners in Participation
(602) 312-8229