Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement/Public Participation Initiatives

Change management efforts often require a long term commitment and Partners is prepared to work with clients to design and facilitate ongoing events, large and small group discussion series’, working committees and learning cohorts over an extended period of time to ensure that those efforts stay persistently relevant and effective. This usually requires the creative involvement of a variety of stakeholders, regular communications, and sustaining momentum through the pressures and distractions of daily work. With tools such as Facilitated Dialogue, Conference Call Facilitation, Working Group Facilitation, Regular Documentation, and more Partners can help you mange these ongoing efforts.

ADD Water Project. The CAP ADD Water Project was created in January of 2007 to gather together over 100 stakeholders to decide how to share and pay for water in the future in the three county area of central AZ. Involved stakeholders included large and small municipalities, water user groups and tribes. The 5 step process of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) and the ToP group process methods were combined to create a two year journey of decision-making. In March of 2010, the CAP Board unanimously agreed to implement the Project recommendations and continue to build on the 35 page emerging consensus of the stakeholders. The International Association of Public Participation has selected the ADD Water Project as the first runner-up for the IAP2 Project of the Year Award.
Additionally, Partners helped with the design of several on line surveys for the effort and was able to assist in the development of a ToP flavored scenario process for CAP’s 50 year Integrated Resource Planning effort.



Muslim Liberty Project. Facilitate monthly conference calls and regular online forums engaging graphic facilitation techniques. Resulted in Muslim youth from across the United States working together to plan an annual conference with Muslim youth and adult participation.

Committed to Murphy Youth. Over the course of decade, various Partners Associates facilitated, trained, and coached community leaders to develop their own neighborhood, parent, business, and community coalitions. Events such as “Murphy Town Hall” led to a plan of action for the Murphy neighborhood to address the issues they themselves identified as necessary and urgent. You can see an example of the documented result here.

Project Civil Discourse – Partners associates have been a part of this project of the Arizona Humanities Council for some time. Our participation includes membership in the steering committee for two conferences. At the “Moving Talk to Action” Conference we provided training in Action Planning. For the 2008 Conference on “Tools for Civil Discourse” we provided training in Focused Conversations and a case study on the “Reality Check”. In addition Partners provided facilitators for the Health Care Reform and Sales Tax public forums.