From implementing strategic planning to leadership coaching, Partners in Participation provides for profit and non profit organizations, communities and government agencies with a variety of consultant services to help them improve their performance in addressing the multiple demands and needs of the diverse groups and individuals that they serve.

Partners in Participation works in partnership with leadership, and constituents in developing and implementing collaborative processes that achieve desired outcomes.

Associates at Partners in Participation create customized facilitation procedures for each client, according to their needs and circumstances. We are committed to facilitating organizations who are seeking to advance a culture of effective participation. We work with clients to create facilitated events and ongoing series of events that engage the input of a variety of stakeholders, through a menu of ToP and other facilitation methods and approaches. Within individual client relationships there is usually an element of each of the following stages: needs assessment, methods selection and customization, event facilitation (occasionally, training and mentoring of internal facilitators to lead the event), documentation, and follow up.
Partners in Participation Associates provide facilitation services to government agencies through the MOBIS Contract number GS-10F-0314K of the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

All of the following facilitation services are also available in Spanish.
Though each facilitation service is customized, the following are some broad categories of the types of facilitation service most often requested by clients. For illustrative examples of clients in each area, please click on the selected pages.