Raul Jorquera is a bilingual (Spanish and English) facilitator and trainer, committed to the belief that everyone has a right to participate in the decisions that govern their lives. He has over 30 years experience working with local communities and facilitating group process. He was an active facilitator and trainer with The Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) for 24 years working with the Latino Community in Phoenix and throughout the Southwest. During his career, he has also facilitated and trained more than 100 programs in Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico and throughout the United States. From villages to professional settings, he brings practical skills, humor and rational clarity and has a wealth of practical experience in assisting grass root organizations as they seek to expand authentic community participation and leadership in their programs. Since 2006 he facilitated more than 30 workshops of the Readiness Basket Program. Additionally, Raul has trained curriculums as diverse Neighborhood Academy, Parent Academy, Training for Effective Family Literacy, Leadership Skills Building, Participatory Strategic Planning, Youth as Facilitative Leaders, and ToP Group Facilitation Methods in both Spanish and English. Raul works to create ongoing relationships with his clients in which he will tailor a combination of the curriculums mentioned here for a variety of stakeholder groups in order to build on the wins of each group and reinforce the positive practices within each community and build momentum for sustainable change.

Recent clients of the Readiness Basket include Cartwright, Washington, Murphy, Phoenix Elementary School District #1, Osborn and Avondale, school Districts and in the Gila Bend Community in Maricopa County, Arizona. Recent clients of other programs include: Arizona Learning Institute/Teen Outreach Pregnancy and Services, The Community Tool Box, Adelanto California, Little Village Community, Chicago Illinois, William T. Machan School, Murphy School District and Sullivan, Garcia, Hamilton and Kuban Elementary Schools. Raul is native of Chile and an avid photographer.

Send Raul an email: RaulJorquera@msn.com