Joaquina RodriguezJoaquina Rodriguez Ruz is an international Associate of Partners in Participation. Joaquina is based in Guatemala and specializes in training ToP Methods and adapting community development programs locally to integrate participatory planning approaches. Much of what Joaquina works on is the facilitation of community development efforts, the training of community leadership in a host of leadership skills, and designing curricula. Much of what she designs is based on the multi-intelligences work of Dr. Howard Gardener and the Four styles of Learning of Dr. Bernice McCarthy

Recent clients include Anthrotech and the Ecological Corridor of El Darién, Colombia, Red Giresol Network/Guatemala, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Guatemala, The Community Museum Union- UMCO, México; Corporación de Capacitación y Empleo (SOFOFA), Servicio de Capacitación y Empleo de Chile (SENCE), Tuxtla Gutierrez and San Cristobal Las Casas in Chiapas state of México, Asociación Nueva Acrópolis – Ixil El Quiche state of Guatemal. Joaquina received a Technical Degree in Agriculture from the Agriculture School of Dolores Valdez de Covarrubias of the Universidad Católica de Chile.