In Memorium

We are profoundly saddened to share that a part of our Partners In Participation family, Courtney Lonergan, along with two of her children, Ali and Almira, were in a fatal car accident and lost their lives June 10th, 2021. They are survived by Aracelli the youngest of Courtney’s children.

Originally from Alaska, Courtney earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho in Anthropology and Spanish; and Master’s degree from Oregon State University in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnic Studies.

There are a million stories we have about Courtney and her children’s energy, love, compassion, and vibrancy, and we will forever seek ways to honor Courtney’s incredible life and legacy.

We know there is no way to replace this devoted mother and her children, and as we share our deep loss, we join you in the celebrating their contribution to all of our lives.

Courtney Lonergan was an enthusiastic and compelling facilitator who engaged the diverse perspectives of participants to elicit inspired, meaningful action and working groups. She worked in grassroots organizing in inner city Phoenix for over 10 years and was a community organizer from the time she was a small child. Courtney was passionate about bridging different cultural groups, facilitating honest dialogue, uncovering biases, and working together in the community to make the world a more peaceful place. Her experience not only included ToP Methods but a variety of approaches and methodologies including early childhood education, community building, engaging youth in nonprofits, engaging parents with schools, bridging schools with local communities, neighborhood academy training, group facilitation methods training, youth as facilitative leaders training and facilitation graphics training.

Individuals, entire organizations, communities, and Boards of Directors were deeply impacted by the work that Courtney did.

Courtney Lonergan’s clients included

  • Arizona Call-A-Teen Youth Resources, Inc. (ACYR)
  • Arizona State Libraries
  • Arizona Community Foundation
  • Arizona State University English Dept.
  • Public Allies
  • Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona
  • Rural Health Office of Arizona
  • Arizona PTA
  • The Wellness Community
  • West Valley Cancer Connections
  • Central Arizona Project (CAP)
  • Murphy School District, Community Care
  • Tumbleweed
  • L.A. Allstarz
  • CMY
  • YouthBuild Guadalupe
  • Arizona Town Hall
  • Chicanos por la Causa (CPLC)
  • Maryvale Partners in Action (MPIA)
  • Urban Arts Movement
  • American Red Cross&Crescent International Youth Retreat
  • Campfire
  • Valley of the Sun United Way
  • ASAP Connect
  • American Islamic Forum for Democracy
  • Muslim Liberty Project