angieAngelica Rodriguez is a professional facilitator and educator who specializes in working with families within communities to promote healthy integration of care for children. She has 25 years of international and national experience working in community development and facilitation/training in Latin America and the United States. She brings the skills of community development, curriculum development, parenting education, early learning and adult training. These skills are enhanced by her cross-cultural experience of working in teams to develop and implement community-based programs. She has worked in rural communities in Chile, Peru and has co-directed the Border Development program in Arizona in the United States. Angelica is a certified trainer of the Learning Basket and Readiness Basket training system, and has conducted training programs in Utah, California, Washington and Arizona. She has twelve years of experience with the infant-toddler and early learning field as well as adult learning. In the last six years, Mrs. Rodriguez has designed, developed, coordinated, facilitated and trained more than 40 Readiness Basket programs, developmental screening performance programs and Parent Engagement Programs for elementary schools and community-based organizations.

Recent clients include the Arizona Literacy and Learning Center, Murphy School District, Cartwright School District, Valley of the Sun United Way in Arizona, and the Arizona Learning Institute. Angelica is a native of Chile and has a degree in social work from St Thomas School in Chile. She is a Mentor level trainer in the ToP curriculum and certified as a trainer of the Readiness Basket program.

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