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What is the Technology of Participation? In our unique “Technology of Participation®” process, participants acquire practical skills for facilitation and training that focus on group participation and collaborative decision-making. All courses emphasize focusing the collective wisdom of the group to address workplace challenges. The methods produce authentic solutions that can lead to considerable results and significant change. Partners in Participation Associates use ToP methods as the foundation for all of its work in facilitation, consulting and community development.
What is the Technology of Participation (ToP)®

  • A structured approach that sparks individual creativity and recognizes and honors all contributions
  • A way for teams to deal with large amounts of data in a short period of time
  • A methodology that pools participant’s contributions into larger and information rich patterns
  • Tools and processes that enable teams to foster an emphasis on common ground and to deal effectively with diversity and avoid conflict and polarization
  • A process that builds commitment by assuring effective action
  • A world renowned approach that enables strong participation in large as well as small groups

ToP® is the registered trademark of the Institute of Cultural Affairs

Partners in Participation offers these Training courses in the use of ToP® methods:
ToP® Facilitation Methods (TFM) – two days
This is an intensive methods transfer course for participants to learn the three collaborative methods that are the foundation of the Technology of Participation: focused conversation, the consensus workshop method, and action planning.

ToP® Strategic Planning (TSP) – two days
Participants learn a systematic and comprehensive participatory strategic planning method for organizational change and transformation. (Prerequisite: TFM)

ToP® Secrets of Implementation (TSOI) – two days
Participants help groups succeed in their planning efforts by foreseeing difficulties using proven methods and tools. They will apply their new insights to specific implementation challenges they may be facing.

Mastering Technology of Participation (MToP) – twelve days over a one-year period
This course was created for those wishing to become highly skilled ToP® facilitators. It provides a theoretical foundation for the methods as well as opportunities for practice and feedback. A learning community is created that supports and deepens the participant’s journey. Included are mentoring opportunities for participants in their own practice and with other participants.

Facilitation Graphics – one day
This is a lab for using color and simple images to bring clarity and energy to your facilitation. Explore ways to add imagery and graphics to your facilitation, training, consulting or coaching toolkit.

For all ToP courses:
AICP Planners 14.5 CM’s

What Planners are saying about ToP® Methods Training:
“Within a week of my training, I was asked to do a consensus-building
workshop in a public setting for a major municipal infrastructure retrofit.
With my newly developed skills and the mentoring of the ToP® trainer, I was
able to successfully coordinate input and develop consensus in a meeting of
over 50 area residents! This would not have happened without the use of ToP®
methods.” M. James Riordan, AICP, LEED-AP

“ToP® Facilitation Methods is a fantastic training opportunity. As a
consultant who handles public engagement and comprehensive planning for a
mid-sized firm, I could not imagine a more pertinent subject to learn. The
course materials were presented in an excellent format. By far, this was the
best professional development opportunity I have taken advantage of as a
planner.” Scott A. Dunakey, AICP

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