Often, when we deliver training in the Technology of Participation methods new graduates will comment on how their expectations have shifted.  Many will say that though they have worked in dialogue and facilitation for years, it wasn’t until they were able to see and take part in the Technology of Participation that their sense of what is involved in the role changed.  In the spirit of inspiring the imagination about ToP courses, Partners have been involved in an effort to create two videos that give a quick taste of some of what you could expect to see and take part in in both the foundational course in ToP Facilitation Methods (http://partnersinparticipation.com/?page_id=48) as well the year-long Mastering the Technology of Participation professional training (http://partnersinparticipation.com/?page_id=55).

Please take a moment to glance at one or both of the videos, and share them with friends and colleagues who you think might have an interest in exploring these excellent professional development opportunities.