Emily Tompkins is a social entrepreneur, facilitator, and organizational development consultant with a special focus on the architecture, strategies, and best practices for multi-stakeholder initiatives to solve complex problems. She is also the only Partner based out of Bend, Oregon.

Emily is a trained TOP facilitator who has spent 15 years working abroad building the capacity of organizations to achieve their goals. Her clients include the City of Bend, the United Nations, international businesses, and local and international non-profits. Emily has a Masters in climate change economics and policy. She is a partner and the social technical lead of a pioneering social enterprise with long-term project investments in Colombia and Brazil that empowers Afro-Colombian collective landholders to develop certified forest carbon projects that generate income and mitigate Ghg emissions. She speaks fluent Spanish and in her spare time she teaches latinos in Central Oregon to cross country ski. She is a member of the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO), and contributes to development of stakeholder engagement training curriculum for deliberative climate action processes.