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All Partners Associates are skilled facilitators who share a grounding in the full menu of ToP facilitation methods, while also having additional individual expertises in a variety of methods / approaches and sectoral applications. When hiring a Partners in Participation Associate you can be assured of a commitment to creating an environment of shared decision making, generating ownership of all stakeholders and effective, efficient planning. Additionally each Associate brings a wealth of experience and fine tuned skills within different environments and groups.

John Oyler

John Oyler, Social Change Partnerships

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Marilyn Oyler

Marilyn Oyler, Quality Training and Organizational Transformation

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Raul Jorquera

Raul Jorquera, Neighborhood and School Parent’s Involvement

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Emily Tompkins, Social Entrepreneur and Multi-stakeholder Facilitator

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Angelica Rodriguez

Angelica Rodriguez, Parent’s Early Childhood Education

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Simple, elegant, practical, no nonsense approaches to participation in teams, organizations and communities.

A couple of centuries of experience in living and applying participatory approaches in situations JUST LIKE YOURS

A spirit of service focused on giving you and your team the CONFIDENCE and SUPPORT to take a lead, and keep going until you succeed.

A Community of Practice

MULTI-CULTURAL, MULTI-GENERATIONAL, BILINGUAL reaching out through Arizona, the Southwest, the nation and the world.

Courtney Geer

Courtney Lonergan, Just & Resilient Communities

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James Wiegel

James Wiegel, Passionate Trainer & Facilitator

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Joaquina Rodriguez

Joaquina Rodriguez, Facilitation & Training in Guatemala

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Alisa Oyler

Alisa Oyler, Capacity Building Program Designer

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Dionisio Salazar

Dionisio Salazar, Organizational Change Strategist

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