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The Readiness Basket

The Readiness Basket and Parent Leadership Training
Empowering Parents to be Their Child’s First Teacher
The Readiness Basket, a bilingual (English/Spanish) training, is an exciting interactive parent and child learning workshop series offered through selected AZ schools and community sites for over six years. The program is offered to parents, caregivers and their young children ages 0 – 5. During these 11 two hour sessions, parents discuss issues vital to parenting, brain development, the importance of play, discipline techniques and school readiness.

Participant will:

  • Understand the importance of play in the development of a young child
  • Understand the critical nature of the first five years in nurturing a child’s optimal development
  • Gain leadership skills by conducting group conversation ns, team work and participate in the role play of presentations
  • Understand child brain development
  • Learn over 100 developmental appropriate activities to nurture learning for children 0 – 5 years old
  • Prepare their children for Kindergarten using the early education state standard


  • Arizona Learning Institute/Teen Outreach Pregnancy and Services
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parents Workshops sessions, in Gila Bend, Arizona
  • Arizona Literacy and Learning Center
    Readiness Basket Program for: Washington, Cartwright, Phoenix Elementary #1, Avondale and Fowler School District
  • Murphy School District
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parents Workshops sessions for parents of Sullivan, Garcia, Hamilton and Kuban Elementary Schools
  • Osborn School District
    Parent leadership training and Readiness Basket Parents Workshops sessions for parents of Encanto, Solano, Montecito and Longview Elementary Schools

Graduates’ Comments

“Readiness Basket is an unbelievable parent/child program. We couldn’t be happier with
our 6 year partnership. We were so pleased to have our Family Resource Liaisons
and parents enrolled in the different Readiness Basket Projects.”
Murphy School District Family Resource Coordinator

“This is a very excellent program. It has given the parents those steps they need to
become successful parents/leaders for their children and others.” Parent Participant

“I think every parent should take this program. It helps, educates and transforms
parents to be the first and most important teachers of their children.”
Parent Participant

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