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John Oyler

John Oyler is a dedicated and thoughtful designer of participatory approaches and Community Youth Development programs. John was on staff of the Institute of Cultural Affairs for more than 35 years. During that time, he was part of ICA’s pioneering efforts in developing inclusive collaborative methods which help groups deal with change and move towards effective action. This provided him with extensive experience in facilitation, training, consulting, planning, curriculum design and program development with very diverse groups, including 15 years in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands. For the past 20 years, he has had an intensive focus on developing local, national and international partnerships in the field of Community Youth Development, in which youth and adults of all ages work together to build healthy, just and sustainable communities. This focus has included the initiation and development of a Youth as Facilitative Leaders version of ToP training now being delivered in numerous locations in the U.S. and abroad. Current partners and clients are focused in the southwest U.S. and include: the Arizona Community Foundation and ten diverse communities involved in the Arizona Communities for All Ages initiative, the Center for Workforce Development and Center of Excellence High School of ACYR, the PASSAGE Transition Coalition for foster youth, and two networks of after-school program managers and technical assistance providers in California. John holds a BA in German Literature from Dickinson College.

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